The bases of BARIKOS

The first few seconds after an accident, in which eyes are exposed to dangerous substances, are crucial to limit the injury as much as possible.

BARIKOS eyewash bottles are intended for rinsing eyes with as much water as possible.
The goal is the rapid removal of invasive foreign substances (acids and bases) before the initiation of a therapeutic treatment by the doctor. This usually also requires continued flushing out on the way to medical care.

In case of irritation of the eyes by dangerous substances, rinsing out with water is considered the undisputed first-aid measure. By means of water, corrosive substances may be washed out and/or diluted, irrespective of whether they are acids or bases.

Water is the best choice for first aid, particularly in cases where it is not possible to estimate in advance what chemical substance could potentially come into contact with eyes. The good neutralization capacity of phosphate is only effective for acids, as borate is for bases.

Water can safely be used for first aid on contact with acids or bases.

The eye wash bottle is designed in such a way that it can be refilled with drinking water as often as necessary after the first complete rinse, thus permitting continuous, sustained rinsing until the medical care is initiated.