Construction and function of the bottle

  • The eyewash bottles BARIKOS KS and BARIKOS To-Go operate pneumatically. By compressing the bottle body, the rinsing liquid is passed through a spray head.
  • The shape of the spray head has been developed in collaboration with medical officers of the chemical industry. A wide, fan-shaped spray stream ensures the gentle irrigation of the eye.
  • The curved and rounded hollow edge provides a secure fit around the eye socket and thus counteracts a reflex closure of the opened eye during rinsing.
  • The spray head has a swivelable outlet nozzle for the used or contaminated flushing liquid. This ensures that fresh water flows into the eye during each rinsing cycle. An optimal washing out effect is achieved.
  • The bottle is equipped with a patented tilt valve, which is located between the riser pipe and the spray head.
  • Therefore, the BARIKOS eyewash bottle can be completely emptied with both the upwards and the downward directed spray.
  • A protective cap covers the spray head of the eyewash bottle to keep it hygienic and leak-proof. It can be removed quickly in an emergency with the help of a grip lug.
  • The protective seal in its sealed state guarantees that the rinsing liquid will keep for at least 2 years. The expiry date is clearly marked.
  • Easy to understand instructions, which show the safe use of the product, can be found on the front of each BARIKOS eye rinsing bottle.