Barikos eyewash bottles have been tried and tested for decades. They were the first eyewash bottles on the market. They are unrivaled as the eyewash of choice for eye emergencies. Millions of users worldwide swear by the simple and safe functioning of this first-aid measure for eye injuries. BARIKOS eyewash bottles with their unique design help immediately after accidental contamination of the eyes with foreign bodies or chemicals of any kind. This counteracts progressive injuries and consequential damage. In addition to the large version BARIKOS KS (content 620 ml), which should be placed in every laboratory in plane view and at handle height, there is the handy BARIKOS To-Go (content 175 ml). This bottle fits, for example, in any coat pocket and has been designed specifically for those who are often at different workplaces. Both models are equally suitable for carrying in dressing kits, ADR kits and first aid kits. They should also be constantly available, for example, in the forestry sector. As a medical device within the meaning of the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC, both models are completely maintenance-free. The rinsing liquid is a ph-neutral, mineralized water. It contains no chemical additives. A physiologically safe post-treatment prevents the formation of germs.

The specially prepared filling ensures a minimum of two years’ service in its sealed condition. All models comply with DIN EN 15154-4: 2009 (safety emergency showers – Part 4: Eyewash without water connection).