The advantages of BARIKOS

Eye-washing using pure water is undoubtedly the most widely known first-aid remedy of choice for eye injuries … In addition, BARIKOS eyewash bottles can be immediately refilled with drinking water again in case of need, thereby ensuring longer continued rinsing. They have been deployed for decades at the Bundeswehr and security services.

• Universal and immediately operable
• No knowledge necessary of the substance which has come in contact with eyes
• Ph neutral eyewash on the basis of pure water corresponds to the ph value of the human body
• Equally suitable for acids and bases
• Sealed for longevity and maintenance-free
• No risk of contamination with germs as often the case with stationary eye washes
• Gentle rinsing through wide, fan-shaped spray stream
• Anatomical spray head counteracts a reflex closure of the open eye
• Patented swivel nozzle allows upward or downward rinsing
• Complete emptying of the bottles; there is no inhibiting vacuum during rinsing
• Refillable in emergency, enabling longer rinsing
• Ideal as a complement to the rescue chain on the way to stationary eye washes, which are certainly never directly at the scene of the accident